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Americans love to travel. Whether it is on destinations in the United States or throughout the world, people spend billions of dollars on hotels each year. Many people spend hundreds if not more than a thousand dollars on hotel costs each year.

Thus, finding the best hotel booking site online is crucial for saving money.

Let’s take a moment to review the best online services. Top 10 Reviews compares a range of criteria such as the ability to sort, details for hotels, reservations, and finally booking help.

So What Is The Best Hotel Booking Site?

With a careful examination of more than a dozen potential best hotel booking sites online, has come out in the first place. Setting it apart from the competition is the widest range of features for users. In short, it delivers the all-around best user experience across the board.

Again, is our top choice for the best hotel booking site because of the options it provides for users. This includes an extensive list of sorting features.

These features include accessibility for sight and hearing impaired, a listing of disabled facilities, accommodation types, hotel names, guest ratings, proximity to amenities and destinations, star rating, and average lowest prices. is also the top reservation site online because it offers the full range of user support, including live chat, telephone, e-mail, and FAQs designed to answer questions.

Their reservation service includes the full sweet of activities, though it lacks car rental, rate comparison, and last minute deals. Despite that, it’s superior sorting features make it the best hotel booking site available.

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What Are Some Runners-Up?

Many different sites come in second place behind the best hotel booking site. They include services like Travelocity, Expedia, Hotwire, Priceline,, MoreHotels4Less, Orbitz, Agoda, and Hotel Reservations. Some of these services may offer better results on specific things.

For example, if you were judging the best hotel booking site on the average cost of a room alone, then first place would go to Hotwire, who is near $50 below the competition. However, some of the other competitors “take the cake” with other factors, such as pricing score.

Despite that, it still comes well below some of the competition when you take into consideration pricing score.

If your idea of the best hotel booking site includes car rental, then Expedia can compete for your business.

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Where Does That Leave Us?

While none of the hotel booking services are perfect, is our best hotel booking site because it scores the best average in all categories. Some other sites may be the best hotel booking site for specific services depending on individual needs.

Before booking any hotel, you should check more than one online booking company. The process typically takes only a few minutes and it can save you a great deal.

Savings can be substantial if you are booking the hotel in concert with other services, like car rental, so get multiple quotes before reserving.

Either way, best of luck as you find the best hotel booking site for your needs.


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