How to Travel for Free


How to Travel for Free

Many of us dream of exploring the world's most exotic and exciting locales. Whether you fantasize about dipping your toes in the warm and crystalline waters of Mexico's scenic Caribbean or venturing into the vibrant, bustling and sophisticated neighborhoods of the world's most fabulous European world capitals, you should know that there are a million amazing places to check out…and limitless experiences out there!

If you love to travel, but don't want to spend money in order to expand your horizons, you'll benefit from this factual quick guide. We are here to show you how to travel for free. Our guide features some interesting options which will allow you to roam the globe without spending a single penny.

Of course, you'll need to give something in return, although it won't be cold, hard cash. That's how the world works! However, you may find that what you're asked to give in return (let's call it, “sweat equity”) is well worth it.

Without further ado, let's look at how to travel for free, via some exceptional setups which are definitely the real thing, rather than scams…

Learn How to Travel for Free Online

If you're willing to work while you explore, finding employment via a cruise ship line may just be the secret of crossing borders, enjoying a variety of global ports of call and gaining valuable employment experience. Cruise ships are always recruiting and they go to some of the world's most impressive destinations!

Examples of popular cruise ship destinations include wild and untamed Alaska, the dazzling Greek Islands and famed Caribbean resort towns, such as Cockburn Town and Santo Domingo.

The best way to boost your chances of employment is to apply directly with cruise ship lines or follow the precise instructions that these companies give regarding how and where to send your application.

You shouldn't need to pay an agency in order to get hired. In fact, you should avoid any situations where a cruise line wants you to spend money in order to get hired, as these types of setups are often a bit sketchy and may even be scams.

Cruise ship lines to consider include Princess and Royal Caribbean.

Volunteering Is a Great Option

Another way to access free travel is to volunteer your time to a worthy cause or to a company which hires volunteers in exchange for offering them free room and board. For example, the non-profit Peace Corps offers this type of service to its volunteers, although they may need to pay a very small fee in exchange for participation. The Peace Corps is reputable and legitimate and it charges the bare minimum to participants.

Another option which requires no cash outlay is to become a tour leader/guide at HF Holidays. With this option, you'll guide treks for other travel-loving people and get to explore the world as you do so, without needing to spend any money. You won't get paid, but your basic needs will be covered by HF Holidays. Other travel companies offer the same types of opportunities, so look around and see what you can find.

Bear in mind that, in both cases, travel costs to your initial destination may be your responsibility. After you arrive, the company that approved your application should take care of your travel requirements.

These two options are just a sampling of what's out there. We used one non-profit and one for-profit example in order to show you the scope of possibilities.

Naturally, choosing employment with a great cruise line will allow you to earn money as you travel. So, our first suggestion is definitely well worth a look! The other two options will not provide you with income, but may be very fulfilling for other reasons.

Create a Free Travel Plan Today

Hopefully, our practical guide has shown you how to travel for free. It is possible and there are many ways to make it happen. The key to success is establishing the reputability of a program before you apply. Looking up BBB rankings and customer reviews will help you to find the good and authentic opportunities and to avoid the “bad apples” in the bunch.

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