How to Pick the Best Alaskan Cruise


What Alaskan Cruise Should You Take This Year? Let’s Find Out!

Alaska is the 49th state in the Union and by far the largest by land area. Encompassing an incredible amount of natural beauty, Alaska is the perfect state to take a cruise through. Idyllic waterways, mountains, and untouched nature all come together to offer an experience not found anywhere else. One of the best ways to explore Alaska for yourself is with an Alaskan cruise. What kinds of Alaskan cruise are there and which one should you take this year? Let’s spend a moment reviewing your options for Alaskan cruises.

What Types Of Alaskan Cruises Are There?

The three main types of Alaskan cruise include round-trip Alaskan cruises, one-way Alaskan cruises, and other alternatives. The round-trip Alaskan cruises are by far the most popular. They typically begin from either Seattle or Vancouver before heading north along the coast. Alaskan cruises setting off from Vancouver provide an opportunity for a scenic rail trip for those landing in Seattle and then traveling north. Round trips are typically complete packages that offer a range of Alaskan cruise activities.

If you are interested in having more say over your Alaskan cruise experience, then consider the one-way Alaskan cruise. A one-way Alaskan cruise will typically begin in the south and terminate somewhere in Alaska. From there, you can search through the incredible list of activities covered at and consider for yourself inland tours throughout the state. While one-way Alaskan cruise requires more planning, it can be less expensive overall.

Finally, there are other alternatives. Other alternatives refer to Alaskan cruises at the beginning and end of the seasons when they will typically divert from their standard route at some point and sail to a new dock for the next season. Such routes can mean free days on the ship and a fuller experience. However, these Alaskan cruises often require a great deal of planning ahead of time.

What Cruise Company Should I Go With?

There are many options for Alaskan cruises. Be aware that Alaskan cruises are often considered fewer pleasure cruises and more scenic cruises. While there will be fewer amenities on board, there will be a generally higher level of comfort. Cruise Critic offers several different suggestions and information that you may want to consider for Alaskan cruises. Coral Princess, Island Princess, Celebrity Solstice, and many smaller operations all provide cruises in the area.

Ultimately, the Alaskan cruise that you go with will depend on what your availability is. There is a high level of professionalism and comfort on all major Alaskan cruises, so there is less of a chance of going with a company that will be a less than ideal experience. With that in mind, all that is left for you to do is to review what Alaskan cruises work with your schedule and visit the attractions you are interested in. Be aware that prices for Alaskan cruises can change over the course of the season, and will be different every year to reflect the shifting costs of Alaskan cruise operation as well as things like docking fees, etc.

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