Why People Should Take Baltic Cruises


Even though the Mediterranean remains the number one global destination for cruises, Baltic cruises are starting to garner a tremendous amount of attention all over the world – and for good reason.

This part of the world is a liberal kaleidoscope of different cultures and destinations, and is also home to some of the most beautiful ports of call with unique travel opportunities found there and nowhere else. Multiple Baltic cruises are available to take advantage of, most ranging from two days to seven days or longer, giving you the opportunity to see the Baltic region in a way that most people never get the opportunity to.

Yes, St. Petersburg in Russia remains the main attraction as far as Baltic cruises are concerned, but you will be able to visit a whole host of other cities and countries in the region. Cruise itineraries very depending upon the trip that you decide to take, but you can rest assured that you’ll never want for adventure!

Baltic Cruises and Their Itineraries

The most popular Baltic cruises are going to have you embark from and then returned to the cities of Stockholm and Copenhagen. Depending entirely upon the length of your voyage you may have the opportunity to see amazing cities like Helsinki, Oslo, and of course St. Petersburg (as we mentioned above).

Extended trips may bring you to parts of Norway and Scandinavia that don’t see a lot of “foot traffic”, the kinds of global destination that you may only ever visit on Baltic cruises.

Smaller cruises operate in the waters between Sweden and Finland primarily, and these are usually two or three day cruises that aren’t quite as involved or as extravagant as those that really try to take in the entire region before the 10 to 14 day trip is over.

Tips to Make the Most of Baltic Cruises

The first thing that you want to do when you get ready for a Baltic cruise is to make sure that you have a currency converting application downloaded to your mobile phone. As highlighted above, you’re going to likely hit numerous cities and countries – sometimes more than one each day – and you want to be able to effortlessly shop no matter where you call into port.

You’ll also want to make sure that you do your best to really pace yourself. There is going to be a tremendous amount of activity to enjoy when you are on a Baltic cruise, and you want to take it slow in the first few days or you may feel burnt out by the time the cruise ship heads for home.

Finally, don’t let some of the “bad press” about St. Petersburg scare you off. Yes, there are some pretty stringent Russian visa rules and requirements that you’ll have to meet – and the Russian language is very difficult to master without years and years of practice – but St. Petersburg has so much to offer that you will want to take advantage of this often times once in a lifetime opportunity.

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